Learn to code as a mom with a newborn baby
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Can I learn coding as a mom with a newborn baby?

Started this blog last summer 2019 and was at that time pregnant. The purpose of this blog was to write down my personal thoughts on coding. Specifically to keep track of my coding progress. To make sure I improve. That way it will be an accountability on my part. 🙂

So during fall 2019 I was working full-time and was pregnant. I was fortunate to have such an amazing pregnancy that I was able to work up to my due date! My baby girl came to this world December 11th 2019. Despite having a super smooth pregnancy and being able to work full-time with tight deadlines at work I was not able to prioritise blogging. Thus the blog was put to hibernation. However, now that I’m on my maternity leave I have some me-time while my baby sleeps.

Stay-at-home mom coding

Since mid-December I have been a stay-at-home mom working ca 20% from home.

I work as a BIM consultant and recently “upgraded” to BIM Manager for my projects (I will explain what  BIM is in another post). With that being said I feel a certain responsibility to make sure the projects. Making sure that my co-workers have gotten a smooth start with me being away from work. Luckily I have awesome co-workers who I enjoy working with, so the transition is going pretty smooth. I assist them with a few hours a week with decision and answer any questions they have.

My baby girl turns 8 weeks this week and it’s such a bliss being a mom. I’m super lucky she’s such a sweet kid. Only times she cries is when her baby stomache is acting up. Other than that she’s super chill and just wants to be near me.

So I’ve set up our office room at home into an office with a little baby playground. She sits in her babysitter or lies on her baby mattress under her babygym next to me, while I work.

Online university course in C#

Besides my few hours a week work I’m doing an online uni course in C#, just so that I have that on my portfolio and because it will be fun. I know the basics of C#, but I’m hoping to know it more indepth the way a uni course can do. 🙂

At the moment I am working in Visual Basics .NET and hoping to be done with that project later this month, so I can focus on other types of languages that interest me more.

In a few weeks I’d love to read up on Algorithms and Data Structures, as well as learning Python. However, being a baby momma allows you a certain amount of limited hours during the day to have “me-time”, so let’s see how it progresses. I might be able to do wonder. I might also just be able to type one line of code the entire week/month. Let’s keep a positive mind! 🙂

Stay-at-home mom learning to code with a baby

Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

Is it possible to learn coding as a mom with a newborn baby?

Shout out to all stay-at-home mommas! It’s a challenge being a newborn baby, but at the same time it feels like such a blessing. Each mom and each baby is different, but the foundation of each baby are fairly the same. They need to sleep (a lot), they need to eat (also a lot!) and they need to pee and poop. Babies also need to feel secure and comforted. Experiencing the outside world outside the womb can be quiet an adventure for the little ones. With that being said these cutie pies need comfort and snuggles, best part of being a mom! Them snuggles!

So it is possible to learn coding as a new mommy? Of course it depends on your baby and how your routine is setup. Also what you prioritise. However, there are tons of new mommas out there working out, starting business, working while taking care of their babies. So yes, I would want to say that it’s possible! As long as you prioritise and give it time. Some enjoy watching Netflix hours end, I did the first three weeks. Then eventually I get mentally bored by constantly watching TV series, so learning to code for me is my outlet!

Routine with my baby

My little girl is now 8 weeks as I write this and we’ve gotten a pretty good daily routine. My little one sleeps around 9 – 10 PM, then needs feeding twice a night. Usually around 2 AM and 4-5 AM. By 6 AM my partner gets up and goes to work, so I’m usually awake 4-7 AM, then I go to sleep. To later start my day at 9-10 AM. So my day looks like this:

9 AM: Making coffee, taking it easy. Checking Social Media or listening to a podcast.

10AM – 5PM: Baby wakes up. Change diapers and clothes. Feed her and have some baby-hang out time. Baby sleeps again. Some brief me-time. Squeeze in some work, blogging, some coding or picking up stuff around the home. During these hours the baby wakes up every 20-30 minutes. If I’m lucky she sleeps for 2-3 hours straight and with that time I can do wonders! 🙂

5 PM – 9PM: Baby daddy comes home from work, so some dad hang out and cook food. Either go family outing or we watch TV, most of the days in the week we go outing. Baby is popular with the family and friends. 🙂

10 PM: Baby sleeps.

12 PM: I sleep and the routing restarts.

So the time I can do none-baby related stuff is during her sleep, which are usually 20-30 minutes intervall. If  I’m lucky (those days happend every now and then) she sleeps for a full 3 hours! :O There are those days where her baby stomache is acting up and those days are not fun, for her and for me. Those days my main objective is to comfort her.

I would say that I want it to be possible to learn coding as a mom with a little baby! Let’s hope for the best!


Featured photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

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