Getting a freelancing gig as a new coder
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Getting a freelancing gig without even planning it

Yesterday I finished my first freelancing gig. Fun! I’ve actually met this client before throughout the years for a few hours here and there. She is a creative designer who does everything from oil painting to interior decoration.

The funny thing is that a couple of years ago I wanted to start a lingerie webshop, so I joined a program where I could meet a mentor. This is where I met her and we had fun just being creative together. I later stopped the lingerie webshop when it was just startting to get traction and this was because I wanted to do more technical things than shipping products and marketing the webshop.

So this lady and I got along so well and had such a good time being togeher. She’s this super creative, beautiful and happy senior person, elder than my mom. It’s always cosy and nice meeting her. Then a few years back she wanted to do a website, so i helped her out with a very basic website, but I did this for fun.

This time she wanted help with creating an Instagram account for her art, because she didn’t want to use her personal Instagram account to promote her art. So we did this and it went well. She’s so impressive considering her generation and her age, she’s so technical.

The gig was a Social Media Management related thing, although I do want to get more project as a system developer, it’s always nice to be busy even if it’s not your focus.

Here’s a photo from our meeting. Teaching her the basics of using Instagram.

A simple tip for a new freelancer

So I didn’t even plan or try to get this freelancing gig. My client just contacted me and wanted some help. So you never know who will end up becoming your client. It could be a relative, a family friend, your personal trainer or your friends co-worker.

So if you’re consider freelancing, my number one tip is be nice to everyone and enjoy your time with people. Doing this gig was super easy and really fun for me and at the same time it gave value to my client. It’s awesome to do something fun and specially for a kind person such as my client. 🙂

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