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Book,  Hashtag #womeninSTEM (working title)

Hashtag #womeninSTEM – Chapter 1: The Interview

Below is my first chapter to a fictional story about a woman and her 3 friends all working in STEM.

This book is dedicated to my baby girl, who turned 2 months this week. I hope to inspire her to be a strong and confident woman with an interest in STEM when she grows up.

[Author: Anna Eliasson]
[Written: 2020-02-13]
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Chapter 1: The Interview

“Shit” I whispered.

It started to rain. I was wearing my brand new grey Esprit coat. It has elegantly high collar with sharp details. Got it half price after a holiday sale and so proud of getting it half off. My mid-heel black leather boots are water resistant. Just because it can handle a little water doesn’t mean I need to expose it to water. So I pace a bit faster. The girls are probably already there. I’m always 5 minutes late.

“Shit” I whispered again. I only curse when I’m nervous or very frustrated. I don’t get frustrated, but I do get nervous. I wasn’t nervous about being late to my girlfriends. They’re used to it. Today I’m nervous because I was at an interview. I just came from an interview with a software consultant company. A mid-size company with great benefit and flexible work hours. “Did I flunk the interview?” I wondered. “Can you even say ‘flunk an interview’”? I asked myself.

I open the glassed door to the coffee shop. At the entrance I see my three girlfriends sitting at a round table. I come in and greet them. They all greet me back with a wide smile.

“So, how did it go?” Max asked with a neutral half smile with her right eyebrow slightly raised. Max is an extrovert with a tough attitude but a soft heart. She’s the type of woman that would voice her opinion straight away without blinking and loudly so. Her personality is perfect for her job, being a Project Manager for a major construction company. The company she works for is heavily male-dominated and has 10% women in the company. Max has a Civil Engineering degree and graduated with highest honor. She enjoys the challenge and feels it makes her stronger being the black sheep in the company.

“It felt good, but you never know.” I said shrugging my shoulder as I took off my coat and put it on the chair. “Oh, don’t be so modest! I bet it went great!” Kate said. Kate always beams positivity. In the 6 years I’ve known her I’ve only seen her sad once. Even then she was trying to keep a positive mindset. “You’re in an industry that’s in such a demand for Software Engineers” Kate said, as she reached her tea with her new manicured long pink gel nails. She loves anything pink. Today she was wearing a pink blouse with white flowers and with a tasteful white headband to match the flowers. Her hazelnut brown hair with big curls casually, but perfectly placed, half in front of her right shoulder and the rest behind her left shoulder. Everything with Kate looked perfectly casual, but having known her for 8 years I knew she planned every detail of her look in her sleep. Don’t let Kate’s casual flowery perfection fool you. This woman is an intelligent chemist who can speak Russian, French and Italian. She’s works at the country’s largest Chemistry Lab and got promoted only two years after her university degree exam. Her love for chemistry probably started with her first lipstick.

“Did you like the company?” Michelle asked as she tilted her head to the side, making her blonde ponytail drop. Michelle has a super soft personality with a heck of a memory. When she’s not teaching her university student advanced calculus she enjoys all types of physical activities. Yoga, running, weight lifting and taekwondo. She does all these activities and she’s always the first one to greet everyone on their birthday.

“Yeah, I love the atmosphere and the pay is pretty good.” I said, I don’t understand why I’m nervous, when I didn’t even apply for this job. Heck, I wasn’t even looking for another job. Then last week a recruiter called me about getting a job at a company I always wanted to work at the past 4 years. Recruiter found me on LinkedIn, which surprised me. as my LinkedIn profile isn’t so fancy.

“How much could they offer?” Max asked with a stern voice. “30% more with 4 vacation additional paid vacation days.” I answered. “But you know I don’t care about the money.” I said as I sat down. “I don’t know why I’m sitting down, I’m gonna get a cup of coffee and a cheesecake to celebrate for even going.”

You read the entire thing? Wow, congratulations! Read my writing process about it at Writing my first chapter for my first story with a working title.

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