Getting a new laptop HP 255 15.6"
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Ordered a HP 255 15.6″ for my mom – review coming soon

Being somewhat technical I end up being the tech support for my mom. 🙂 Which I don’t mind, it’s nice to help my momma out.

She’s working as a librarian at a smaller school for adult, which she enjoys and it’s perfect for her at the moment. However, before this job she has always been working within the restaurant industry. With that being said she’s not the most technical person considering her background.

So she tells me one day:

I’m saving up for a MacBook laptop.

And I ask why, knowing she has very limited cash flow and very little savings. She answers:

I want to be able to use the program that we use at work. That way I can learn at home and get better at the program.

I asked, are you sure you need a MacBook for that? Perhaps you only need an ordinary laptop with Windows installed, making the price for this new laptop much more affordable. So we agreed on that I’d come by her work and look at the program, deciding if she could work on a Windows computer.

It ended up with that she only needed to learn two programs. One being PowerPoint and the other one being a librarian program. PowerPoint is universally known to be a part of the Microsoft Offie package, hence being perfect for Windows OS. The irony was that the computer she was using at work was running Windows 7, so the librarian program works on Windows. I even called the Tech Support to double check that the program works on Windows 10 and it did.

My moms requirement for a laptop was that it would be able to run the programs she needed, be affordable, with a decent screen size and be decent in physical weight.

In conclusion we decided that we could HP 255 15.6″ laptop with Windows 10 installed, being the most affordable laptop with all the whistles and bells she needs and being the best in physical weight. So I orded this from her and I will make sure to make a little review of it once we get our hands of it.

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