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Writing my first chapter for my first story with a working title

Wrote my very first chapter to a fictional story about women in STEM. Think Sex and the City, with little less focus on sex and more focus on confidence and women in STEM. Note that I wrote this in the middle of the night on a whim.

As a women in STEM the past years I’ve wanted to write a short story encouraging young women to choose a career in STEM. Growing up with Sex and the City, Friends and Gilmore Girls, none of the girls had any STEM related positions.

So I thought:

Why aren’t there any TV-shows about confident women passionately working in STEM? I know they exist, hell, I was one of them.

I’m currently within Civil Engineering / Tech, but have a long background within Tech. Yes, for the first years I was mainly the only woman, or at least the one of the few women, next to my male co-workers. Today I can see that more women online are getting more interested or choosing fields within STEM. That excites me so much!

Never having the time to write anything as I’ve always had a lot on my plate I finally decided to take the plunge. As I wrote earlier, kind of out on a whim. This spring I am, and will be, a stay-at-home mom to my 2 months old baby girl.

While being at home, I do take on a few hours work, try to learn coding more seriously and taking a uni course to improve my programming skills. Now adding writing a fictional book about women in STEM.

This can only be done in increments of time, while she’s asleep or sitting calmly in her babysitter talking and looking around. Doing all these are counted into my me-time. My day consist of:

  • Picking up stuff
  • Changer her baby diapers
  • Do some baby convo
  • Do the dishes
  • Do the laundry
  • Comfort her when her stomach is acting up
  • Go out for a walk to get some fresh air
  • Some baby and dad time when baby daddy comes home
  • And my favorit having us some major baby snuggling!

The increments for some me-time can be all from 15 minutes to 2.5 hours, as a new baby mama it’s hard to know how much time you have.

So with that being said, let’s see how this goes!

Note that the title of the book is a working title and so are the chapter titles. Also no one has proof read it and I’ve not made any edits. It’s my very first draft (scary!).

This first chapter is called “The Interview”, but I have considered “The interview of my dream I never apply for”.

Feel free to comment any feedback below the chapter. I’m positively open to constructive criticism! Read the first chapter at Hashtag #womeninSTEM – Chapter 1: The Interview.

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