• Tech

    Ordered a HP 255 15.6″ for my mom – review coming soon

    Getting a new laptop HP 255 15.6"

    Being somewhat technical I end up being the tech support for my mom. 🙂 Which I don’t mind, it’s nice to help my momma out. She’s working as a librarian at a smaller school for adult, which she enjoys and it’s perfect for her at the moment. However, before this job she has always been working within the restaurant industry. With that being said she’s not the most technical person considering her background. So she tells me one day: I’m saving up for a MacBook laptop. And I ask why, knowing she has very limited cash flow and very little…

  • Stemspo

    Setting up a new female developer blog

    The idea of Stemspo Have been wanting to track down my progress in learning how to code for a while now, but never thought of how and under what name. So the other day I came up with a simple…