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Setting up a new female developer blog

The idea of Stemspo

Have been wanting to track down my progress in learning how to code for a while now, but never thought of how and under what name. So the other day I came up with a simple domain which derived from STEM + inspo = STEMspo. Thought it was short and straight to the point!

The purpose of the blog

The purpose with this tech blog is, at least in the beginning, to write down my personal thoughts related to development and as a female in STEM. Then to gradually start inspiring others to work within STEM by interviewing interesting people within the field and to share experience. Focusing within the Tech category in the beginning and later expanding to the other letters in the acronym.

The tools

Was browsing around for various hosting providers, but talked to an old business friend who is working with hosting and he set up a nice snazzy hosting for me – almost for free. I live in Sweden, so I asked him to set up a server in Europe. So he generated a VPS for me in Stockholm. So this specific blog is hosted with CazaraTech.

For the blogging platform I just chose user-friendly WordPress, which you can get with CazaraTech easily installed, more at Fast WordPress Hosting. Although I’m a .NET Desktop Application Developer, I could have created a blog in Azure with C# in ASP.NET Core, but why when WordPress have done such an awesome job? WordPress is just rock solid without major hassle for someone who wants to kick-start a new blog with ease! 🙂 Also this blog is currently on a hobby level and paying Azure stuff from my own pocket is just not worth it at the moment. That’s why I decided to go with CazaraTech! Affordable, fast service and great people working at the company.

Short-term goals

Simply to improve my coding skills and to track my progress. Learn as much as I can and share what I’ve learned. Short-term goals are up to 6 months, so by January 2020 I’m hoping I will kick ass in coding! Note that I’m working as a data coordinator within infrastructure and civil engineering, so I work with development part time until Augusti and then after that it’s pure hobby.

Long-term goals

Up to 12 months or longer is what I call long-term, so by August 2020 I’m hoping to have written a few more articles, gotten to be a bit wiser and to have gotten a few interviews with interesting female developers to inspire other girls to join the STEM tribe!

Let’s start coding!


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